Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

By Gracie Hart

As spring rolls around the corner the more people you see roaming around. The first official day of spring is Sunday, March 20.

Freshman Rose Taylor plans to use her spring by traveling to her favorite state Tennessee. She plans to go with her grandma and she’s looking forward to going there for the shopping. 

Rose Taylor
Rose Taylor plans to go to Tennessee for spring break. (Photo Provided)

Taylor plans to shop on the strip at Gatlinburg looking for jewelry and boho hippie shops.  Taylor explains that she’s going to spend her time “enjoying the spring weather while riding the ski lift continuously.” 

Freshman Luann Kimble enjoys reading romance books in her spare time. During spring is her favorite time to read because it’s not “scorching hot, but it’s perfect.” 

Luann Kimble plans to read outside during spring break. (Photo Provided)

She plans to lay in the grass or on the trampoline reading and soaking up the beautiful weather. 

Junior Kassidy Royal enjoys the warm temperatures and enjoys dressing for the warm weather. She likes to break out her sandals when the weather is nice. She likes to have picnics and to take a stroll and take advantage of the beautiful weather.

Kassidy with friend
Kassidy Royal (right) is looking forward to nice weather in the spring. (Photo by Gracie Hart)

Freshman Daisy Callow spends her spring by enjoying the warm weather and reading chapter books. 

“I really enjoy the warm weather because it’s beautiful,” she said. “My favorite way to relax in the spring is to read… I also like to plant flowers.”  

This spring break Callow will practice her driving skills. 

She enjoys spring because it brings her joy because the flowers start blooming and it stays light later compared to the winter. During her spring break she will visit her uncle in Florida, where she’s looking forward to jet skiing. 

Freshman Macie Jones says, “The best way to spend spring is playing and practicing softball.” 

Little softball player
Macie Jones (shown her as a young softball player) plans to spend much of her break playing sports. (Photo Provided)

She enjoys playing softball and is very dedicated to the sport. Spring is Macie’s favorite time of the year because it’s the start of softball season. 

When she’s off the field she will be watching her siblings play sports. She plans to spend her spring break by spending time with her family and continuously practicing for softball.

March 17, 2022

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