Like Father, Like Son
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Like Father, Like Son

By Caitlyn Kirby

People pick up passions for many reasons, such as out of boredom, or to have something to show off, but this Delta senior has a passion that allows him to bond with his dad.

Ian Renbarger has been playing electric guitar since seventh grade.

Ian Renbarger
Ian Renbarger is part of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Caitlyn Kirby)

Renbarger’s dad has been the rhythm/lead guitarist in a band called Hate Monday since the late 1970’s until now. He grew up around his dad’s band practices at their home. After being around it and failing to play for 13 years, Renbarger says he finally decided to stick with it. 

“I’ve always thought of him as a rockstar,” Renbarger says. “I wanted to be like him.” 

Boy with guitar
Senior Ian Renbarger strums his electric guitar. He has been playing guitar since seventh grade. (Photo Provided)

Once Renbarger got experience playing guitar, he was able to play a few songs with his dad’s band. Since he and his dad have the same music taste — classic rock — this was special to him. 

“Those are some of the greatest memories I will have forever,” Renbarger says. 

Renbarger says he probably would not be where he is today without music. It has kept him busy and given him a way to express his emotions. 

Without music, he says his life would be bland and boring. 

“It just keeps me calm, and a lot of other people like it,” Renbarger says.

He says that as of right now he does not have any concrete plans, but it is a possibility that he’d pursue music and maybe start his own band one day.  

Renbarger’s favorite song, Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd, is written by a father talking to his son. Follow your heart and nothing else, the song says. The lyrics and good message of the song are what makes him like it. 


April 28, 2022

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