Making a Splash in College
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Making a Splash in College

By Fancy Robbins

After four years of embarrassing moments, fun memories, lots of wins in high school sports, will Brad Shue continue his athletic career?

Senior Brad Shue plans on going to Ball State University (Muncie, IN) or Wabash College (Crawfordsville, IN) to major in biology. Shue received an offer from Wabash College to swim there.

Brad Shue is a part of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Fancy Robbins)

“I’m going to Wabash, but I have an interview to get into the bachelors program at Ball State, so it depends how that interview goes. If I get in then I’m going to Ball State,” Shue said.

Although he’s not positive at the thought of swimming in college, he’ll stick through it at Wabash if he doesn’t get into Ball State. At Wabash, he would only have to focus on one swimming event, so he could do sprint sets and wouldn’t have to do long distance sets.

Shue is most excited for the free-time and freedom that he will have in college, but he’s going to miss the ability to do 3 sports.

 “I spend 7 hours here daily at Delta and probably only an hour doing schoolwork,” Shue says.

Throughout high school, Shue has participated in swimming, tennis, golf, and track & field. During his senior year, he did swimming, tennis and golf. 

Shue has played tennis for all four years of high school. (Photo by DHS Yearbook)

Wabash is an all-male college. At Wabash the academics are very rigorous and Shue would be able to swim there. 

Ball State is the cheaper option between the two. 

“Even though I could make it, swimming at Ball State just sounds horrible because they’re a D1 school,” Shue said.

This past season Shue made it to the IHSAA Boys State Swimming Championship at the IUPUI Natatorium. He swam in the 200 free relay, 100 free and 400 free relay. Shue is within the top 25 in the state. He also made All-Conference and Academic All American this year.

Although he has had some embarrassing moments in the sports he’s played, he’s still made the best of his 4 years.

Shue will attend either Ball State University or Wabash College. (Photo provided)

“I got hit in the balls by a tennis ball so that’s fun, you just go down real fast,” Shue said. “In swimming there have been some smacks where I just come up all red. If you don’t tie your suit tight enough, you can understand where that gets spicy.”

His favorite memories in sports have been shared with his friends. His best memories in tennis were the moments shared with his teammates as a senior. The best part of his swimming career at Delta was winning relays with his fellas. In golf, it was the McDonalds runs.

 “When you’re starving you just gotta go get something,” Shue said.

Shue has faced many challenges in the sports he played throughout high school. In tennis, there’s a lot of running involved, which Shue does not enjoy. 

“Golf nothing really sucks so far other than the fact I am bad,” Shue said.

Lots of teachers come and go throughout high school, but there’s been the few that have had an impact.

“Number 1 has got to be Tim [Cleland]. I’ve known him all 4 years and he’s definitely impacted me the most, and I’ve also enjoyed Miss Smith,” Shue said.

April 28, 2022

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