Seniors’ Advice To Freshmen
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Seniors’ Advice To Freshmen

By Gracie Hart

As the Class of 2022 leaves, the Class of 2026 is coming in. Throughout high school the current seniors have learned many lessons. Some of the current seniors have advice for the incoming freshmen.

Julissa Lawless (Photo by Gracie Hart)

Julissa Lawless:

Julissa Lawless is a senior who in her free time enjoys art and works at Bob Evans restaurant as a server. 

What advice would you give to freshmen? 

“Do your work, be organized with your schedule and juggle it right.”

“Take a study hall and use your SRT days.” 

Bailey Wood (Photo by Gracie Hart)

Bailey Wood:

Bailey Wood is a senior who enjoys filming and traveling. She also enjoys going on mission trips. Bailey explains that Harvest Christian Church tends to go to Fourth World countries to help give them clean water and spend time with them. Wood plans to go to Taylor University next year to major in film and video production 

 What advice would you give to freshmen?

“Don’t take yourself so seriously. Be wild. You’re not an adult. Have fun.” 

Nico Corti (Photo by Gracie Hart)

Nico Corti: 

Nico Corti is a senior who recently came to Delta as a foreign exchange student from Spain. In his free time he plays tennis and swims. He also enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends. Since he’s transferred here he’s picked up the new hobby of theater. 

What advice would you give to freshmen?

“Try new stuff. Don’t be scared. Try it and you will enjoy it.”  

Sam Pemberton (Photo by Gracie Hart)

Sam Pemberton: 

Sam Pemberton is a senior who dedicates her free time to softball. She plays third base and the outfield and she’s a catcher.  

What advice would you give to freshmen?

“Don’t slack and keep up on your homework.”

Katie Penrod (Photo by Gracie Hart)

Katie Penrod: 

Katie is a senior who plays shortstop on the softball team. In her free time she’s juggling working at Menard’s and playing softball. 

What advice would you give to freshmen?

“Get all your hard classes out of the way.¨ 

May 17, 2022

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