Time to Move On
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Time to Move On

By Caitlyn Kirby

Sibling relationships go through many ups and downs, but when it comes time for them to be separated, they find reasons to like each other.

Many Delta seniors will be leaving their younger siblings at Delta when they go off to college. 

“There’s something special about a sibling relationship that’s just different than any other kind,” sophomore Will Kile says. 

Will’s older brother Javin is a senior. He will be leaving to go to Hanover College in southern Indiana in August. Javin will be playing golf at Hanover while getting a degree in biology.

Kile siblings
Javin Kile (left) and brother Will in their younger days with their father, Greg Kile. (Photo Provided)

Will also plays golf, and this will be the siblings’ last year playing on the same team. Not only will Will miss playing golf with Javin, but he will miss the ride home. 

“Whenever we are sitting in the truck, we like to listen to music so we just vibe the whole way to wherever we’re going,” Will says. 

Another Delta senior, Libby Crouch, ran cross country with her sister Caitlyn, a sophomore. Libby will be going to Ball State for pre-law and criminal justice, but plans to stay at home for her first year. 

Crouch siblings
Caitlyn Crouch (left) and her sister Libby enjoy an evening of miniature golf. (Photo Provided)

 Libby says that although she only ran one season with Caitlyn, she is glad that it is over. She said that it’s nothing bad toward Caitlyn, it was just weird having to look after somebody. 

“I’m so used to driving home by myself, but I’d have to wait for her and it would take longer,” Libby says. “I almost forgot her a few times.”

Senior Brad Shue will be attending Ball State for Biology. He swam with his two ninth-grade sisters, Katie and Addison, who are twins. Brad says that not being on the same swim team with them is bittersweet. 

Shue siblings
Brad Shue is flanked by his twin sisters, Katie and Addison. (Photo Provided)

“I’ve been swimming half of my life (nine years). I’m ready to do something new, but it’s going to be tough to leave that behind, especially since they’re continuing,” Brad says. 

Both the Crouches and the Kiles agree that their sibling relationships can be tense sometimes, but in the end they are pretty close. 

All of the Shue siblings would agree that they are very close to each other. 

Each of the siblings have found things to be excited and not excited about. 

 Will is looking forward to getting Javin’s room with more space, and Javin is excited that Will can’t wear his clothes anymore. 

Javin says that when he comes home, he likes the certainty of knowing he will have Will to be there for him. At college, Javin will not have this security. 

“I love how he sees goofy things in normal everyday stuff,” Javin says. 

Caitlyn is excited for her older sister to bring souvenirs and interesting stories when she comes home. Libby is both looking forward to and not looking forward to the freedom that she will have at college. She says that she has many plans for after high school and it will be easier for her to figure those out without worrying about what she needs to do for one of her siblings. 

“At the same time I haven’t figured out anything yet, and I’m still trying to find out who I am and what exactly I want to do,” Libby says. 

Brad says that he will miss each of his sisters for different reasons. He says Katie is quite funny and he will miss her making fun of him. He will miss Addison’s responsibility and the way she keeps the three of them on track. 

“If I forget something she’ll probably have already remembered it,” Brad says. 

Katie says that she will miss the whole family being together. 

Addison says that she will miss swimming with Brad for multiple reasons. She loved being able to hang out with him during the season and relate to him about how hard swimming can be. To add on to that, it was convenient that he could drive. 

Each of the seniors plan to keep connected to their younger siblings by coming home for some of the weekends and the important things such as holidays and any big sports events. 


May 18, 2022

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