Reece Mann’s Funeral Service: A Photo Gallery
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Reece Mann’s Funeral Service: A Photo Gallery

All of these photos were taken by Eleni Bow during the services for former Superintendent Reece Mann on Thursday, Nov. 3. A full-length article about the legacy of Mr. Mann can be found here. His funeral took place on the DHS football field, with attendees sitting in the bleachers.


Mann passed away on Friday, Oct. 28 after a two-year battle with a rare bile duct cancer known as cholangiocarcinoma.
Mann’s wife Stacey speaks with an Indiana State Trooper during calling hours.
Mann’s father, Douglas Mann [left], speaks with an attendee. Douglas is a retired state trooper.
Calling hours for members of the school corporation and community took place from 1-4 pm on Nov. 3.
Mann’s number as a football quarterback was 7, which was included in any way possible.
Mann’s wife Stacey [black hat] and daughter Zoie [black hair] hugged those who came to share their condolences.
Mann’s son Ozzie spoke with many that came through during the calling hours, including the Stebbins family.
Several attendees sported shirts with the phrase “MANN UP.” This phrase was coined soon after Mann’s cancer diagnosis.
Mann requested to have two songs played as part of his service – “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me and “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle.  His brother Rick Mann praises God during one of the songs.
Current Superintendent Greg Kile began the service by speaking about his friendship with Mann. “Reece, we love you,” he said.
Delta Middle School principal Doug Marshall reads Mann’s obituary as part of the service.
Reece’s brother, Rick Mann, officiated the service. He recalled Reece’s strong Christian faith and devotion. 
A prayer was conducted by the pastor of Southern Wells Community Church, Jody Mounsey [right], where Mann attended.
Mann’s casket was positioned directly on the fifty-yard line of the field. He played football in high school and college.
The bleacher supports were decorated with hundreds of cards and drawings done by the students and staff of the Delcom Corporation.
Cards were written with various get-well, birthday and Christmas wishes.
November 10, 2022

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