Fantastic Fantasy Football Fanatics

Fantastic Fantasy Football Fanatics

By Kaden Crist

Early fall on a Sunday morning, you wake up, look outside, and see the leaves turning colors. The wind is breezy, not too cold, but not too hot. You get up and remember it is Fantasy Football day. You get on your phone to make sure your lineup is set, then wait patiently for 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon to roll around. 

Fantasy Football is an activity to do with your friends. There are many ways to play, including online and paper and pencil. Fantasy Football is where you draft a team of NFL players. They play and you get points based on how they perform. 

Freshman Brody Adams, sophomore Lindsey Lynch, and senior Gaige Winchester are among many students who all can relate to that Sunday morning feeling.

“It just gives you something to do on a Sunday during the fall when it’s kind of cold outside,” Winchester said. “And you always have a player to watch and just something to look forward to.” 

In the game there is a draft that occurs, where the fantasy owners get to select players in the National Football League one at a time. 

“I drafted Patrick Mahomes first, because he’s the best quarterback in the league,” Adams said. 

Team roster
This roster is the fantasy team of senior Gaige Winchester. (Photo by Kaden Crist)

There is an option, however, where the app auto-selects your team.

“I was busy during the draft so I got it drafted for me,” Winchester said. “To be honest when I looked at my team I wasn’t too thrilled, but I made some moves as the good general manager I am.”

This can get competitive. Participants make it a goal to win against others in the game.

“[My favorite part is] beating everyone and talking the most crap,” Adams said. “Nobody can stop me.” 

Having this type of competition between players makes for an intense Sunday afternoon. Players get frustrated, confused, and focused on the points they earn. 

This eagerness to be the best at the game causes lots of play time, which in turn makes the app money. says that Fantasy Football is bringing in over $40,000 a year, making the game more successful than ever.

This app allows people to come together by sharing a common interest, and in some cases, even a favorite team.

Lynch is in a fantasy football league this year with friends and family. Lynch’s father, Billy Lynch, is winning in their league. He is a former college football coach who is now the offensive football coach at Delta.   

“We all put in lots of money, so the winner will receive all the money,” Lynch said. “There is no losing punishment, only that you lost your money.”

Now nearly halfway through the NFL season, some fantasy football players are excelling and others are falling behind. Only time will tell who comes out on top. 

“I always like how there is a chance for a comeback by anyone during any part of the season,” Lynch said.

November 15, 2022

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kadencrist Kaden Crist is a freshman at Delta High School. He plays baseball and tennis for Delta. He also likes the Colts and the Dodgers.


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