Swimming Season Synopsis
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Swimming Season Synopsis

By Luke Williams

The last season of swimming ended on a high note, with Delta sending eight boys and one girl to state, along with both girls and boys coming in second for sectionals. However, this year the girls are hoping to make this a season to remember.

With the season starting on Oct. 24, the team is already practicing and getting ready for their meets. 

“[The] girls’ side is looking phenomenal. There’s a lot of good potential with the girls’ team,” says Brayden Bowman, a senior member of the boys’ team. 

With several experienced swimmers, both new and returning, for the girls’ team, the Eagles are expected to do even better than previous years. Several girls could proceed on to the state level competition.

“I think it’s going well. We have a lot of new girls joining the team, so it should be good,” says Annie Jackson, a sophomore swimmer.

Some other standout returning swimmers include seniors Emma Brown and Olivia Bohanon and junior Layna Bowman.

Girls in water
Emma Brown, Polly East and other team members warm up before a recent practice. (Photo by Luke Williams)

However, what sets this season apart from previous years is the newcomers coming in. Freshmen Jordan Bunch and Laura Warner have both been swimming since they were 10 years old for the Cardinal Community Swim Club.

The girls’ team is expecting to send more swimmers to state than they have in any recent season. Both the girls and boys are also expecting good relays this year.

Despite not having the same amount going for them, the boys’ team is also working hard to perform their best this year. There are several returning boys who have done well in past seasons, such as sophomore Zach Baty, and seniors Brayden Bowman and Gabe Hotmire.

Swimmer stroking
Senior Gabe Hotmire cuts through the water during practice. (Photo by Luke Williams)

“We’re willing to work hard and still hold good scores at all the meets and do well,” Bowman says.

Baty is also optimistic.

“Hopefully I make [state] in the 500 meter, like I did last year, and hopefully in the 200 meter this year,” says Baty, a returning sophomore swimmer.

The first meet will be against Yorktown on Nov. 29.

Overall, this season is expected to be one of the best in recent memory for the girls’ team, while the boys are still expected to do well overall. 

November 17, 2022

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