Four the Takedown
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Four the Takedown

By Kaden Crist

It is early Saturday morning in February and the season is on the line. There are three other mats surrounding you as you step on the mat and it’s “go time.” Spectators yell advice: “Single leg!” or “Shoot for the takedown!”

The wrestlers are fired up, nervous, and locked in on the specific things they need to work on. Everything is all or nothing; the mindset for them is to stay confident. 

Four Delta wrestlers are competing in the IHSAA State Tournament this weekend.

“I know I’m pretty good and just think that I’m the best in the state so I just use that mentality out on the mat,” sophomore Ayden Bollinger said. 

Bollinger and junior Neal Mosier are two of 30 wrestlers for Delta. They were both undefeated through the regional round and Bollinger is still unbeaten entering state.

Neal and Ayden have both been around wrestling for a long time and have family members that wrestled as well. 

“I have been wrestling since I was in first grade,” Mosier said. “My dad and all of my uncles were all good wrestlers.” 

 They both have things they need to work but also have things that they feel confident in.

“My defense I feel pretty confident in that. I feel like I need to work on my offense a little bit,” Mosier said. 

Neal Mosier is competing in the IHSAA State Tournament. (Photo Provided)

In the regional, Ayden set a school record for most takedowns in a single season. It was previously set in 1993 with 199 takedowns. Ayden just reset the record with 206 takedowns. He has been shooting for this goal all season long.

Cody LeCount is the second-year head coach for Delta. He explained why Ayden has so many takedowns.

“The main purpose is that to score takedowns you have to be aggressive,” LeCount said. “If he goes out and scores a bunch of points on takedowns throughout the season it’s going to force him to be on the offense … which will ultimately win him many matches.”

 LeCount has pushed the boys to work hard and be the best version of himself.  

This would be his fifth year coaching, he was the assistant coach at Carmel for three years and this is his second year at Delta. He grew up around wrestling, his dad was a coach. He has been wrestling since he was about 7 years old.

 “It has always been a dream of mine to be a high school head coach, I just love the process of it and helping these kids get to their dreams.”

LeCount thinks both Bollinger and Mosier are leaders and example setters. 

“I think they are both great leaders on the team and they’re both undefeated but they just lead by example and they know how to be someone for themselves so they can push the rest of the team based on expectations.” LeCount said. 

Four wrestlers are going to the IHSAA State tournament this weekend. The wrestlers are Braxton Russell (2nd), Kolten Rhonemus (3rd), Ayden Bollinger (1st), and Neal Mosier (2nd).

Being confident is key for all four of the wrestlers who are competing in the State tournament. 

“Having confidence in myself and knowing what I am capable of. I’ve prepared the last couple of weeks to drill my technique.” Rhonemus said. 

Kolten Rhonemus is competing in the IHSAA State Tournament. (Photo Provided)

Another thing that is helping the wrestlers wrestle at such a high level is their practice partners who push them day in and day out. 

“ My practice partners and hard work are what have got me so far,” Russell said. “I have had a couple different practice partners, but they have been Health Sprague, Ryder Turner, Kolten Rhonemus, and Garrett Clay. They have all helped me get this far.”

Braxton Russell is competing in the IHSAA State Tournament. (Photo Provided)
February 17, 2023

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