Joyful Royal

Joyful Royal

By Kylee Robles

The bright yellow sunrise is shining at an angle through senior Kassidy Royal’s bedroom window. She wakes up and turns off her beeping alarm clock with a smile on her face. The first thing that comes to her mind is what a good day she’s going to have.
“I am always happy because I have a lot of energy and I’m a very loving person,” Kassidy said. “But also, I have a good heart.”
Kassidy has a unique mindset. She always sees the bright side of everything and she loves to cheer people up.
She has a creative imagination and she enjoys making clay characters from movies, shows, or her mind.

clay characters
Kassidy Royal made clay characters of Delta football players and the Eagle mascot. (Photo Provided)
clay characters
Kassidy Royal has a large collection of clay figures. (Photo Provided)


Kassidy’s clay characters aren’t the only thing she creates. She likes to paint dominos with nail polish and makes other crafts.
But the main thing others don’t know about her is that she makes videos on her Youtube channel called Princess Kassidy.
She especially loves her videos about Royale the Science Gal, which is a character Kassidy created. Kassidy has also been in a class called Eagles Zone News for two years and she loves to be on air.

Kassidy Royal creates teapots in her free time. (Photo Provided)
girl dressed up as a scientist
Kassidy Royal has a love for science. (Photo Provided)

Now even though Kassidy loves to be on camera she also likes to be on the stage too, she really enjoys being in the school talent show and singing.

Kassidy is always looking to have a good time and to make others happy.
“My favorite part of the day is going to school and meeting new people and if they are sad I try to cheer them up with my singing or my advice,” she said.
Even though Kassidy has many different traits, her friend, freshman Ella Langdon, thinks there is one that stands out the most. “What stands out about Kassidy is her bubbly personality and the way she makes everyone laugh,” Ella said.
Another friend thinks one of Kassidy’s best qualities is her humor. “Kassidy makes the classroom more fun with all of her jokes,” freshman Azriel Richey said.
Although Kassidy is leaving Delta High School this year she still wants to make the most of her last year.
“My last year is bittersweet because I want to have a good time, but I’m going to miss everyone.” she said.
Kassidy has a passion for everything, but she wants to follow what she loves the most. Her future plans are to either work at Party City because she loves parties or to do some more plays at Muncie Civic Theatre.


February 22, 2023

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