The Last at Bat
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The Last at Bat

By Addy Klontz

Senior Shelby White steps up to the plate, hoping to hit a home run. She swings and hits a single. It’s the start of her first last game. 

Seniors in their final season of high school sports experience many “lasts.”  Their last first game.  Their last county tournament.  Their last IHSAA game.  Their last at-bat.

White has been playing softball since age 4.

“From the second I touched a ball I mean me and my best friend, Aurora Ledbetter, we started playing together,” White said.

March 27 was her last first game for her high school athletic career when the Eagles played Wes-Del at home. 

“It was very emotional, but I’m also very excited because I know that I have the next four years to look forward to,” White said.

White is going to continue her softball career at Bethel University and is studying Sports Management.

Girl signs scholarship
Senior Shelby White signs to go to Bethel University while her parents are watching her. (Photo by Chandler Ashley)

One part about being a senior is leaving your legacy behind. 

White is one out of five seniors. There are nine younger teammates on the team.

“Definitely the younger girls, definitely gonna miss them, but they are also the next ones that have to take the lead,” White said.

White’s teammate, senior Mia Ramsey, had mixed feelings about her last first game. 

“It was really exciting, but also very sad at the same time,” Ramsey said. “It makes you realize you won’t have that opportunity again to play.”

Some players go into a sport being so quiet. But once you get to know your teammates and coaches you become a leader and more confident. 

“I think it actually shaped me into a leader,” Ramsey said. “I used to be very quiet, but I’ve used my voice through softball.”

girl throwing a softball
Mia Ramsey catches a pitch during a softball game. (Photo provided)

Another senior would be Sydney Stroble. She has played all four years of high school. 

Stroble fell in love with softball at a young age. 

“My dad always pushed me to play,” she said.

Compared to the recent seasons, this season has been a wild one as the Eagles have won only one game. 

Stroble felt that playing her last first game was  bittersweet. When playing a sport for many years, it’s hard to see it end. 

“I’ve played it for so long that it’s hard letting go of it,” she said.

Stroble said that softball taught her how to be a leader these past four years. 

“I need to work hard at things if I want to succeed in life,” she said.

girl poses for senior pictures
Sydney Stroble is one out of five  seniors (Photo provided)

With just a couple weeks  of school left, Senior Night for softball is coming up May 19. The seniors think that it’s  crazy how fast four years can go in high school . In this last month, they will have one more ride at the sport they love.

May 11, 2023

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