Freshmen Take Powerpuff Championship
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Freshmen Take Powerpuff Championship

By RJ Townsend

“Be aggressive, don’t get caught.”

Freshman Lilah Jean (LJ) Carter played two games of Homecoming Powderpuff football on Wednesday night along with her peers in the freshmen class. Her state of mind during her play time was “Be aggressive, don’t get caught.”

The first game was against the big dogs of Delta, the seniors, but LJ wasn’t worried even a little bit — even though it was her first time playing Powderpuff in a serious setting. 

“After the first play [against the seniors] we realized that they were giving the ball to one person,” LJ said. ”I knew we were gonna win.” 

She was one of the reasons why the freshmen girls won against both the seniors and the juniors to take the Powderpuff championship. 

Player runs
Freshman LJ Carter runs with the ball during the game against the seniors. (Photo by Mia Torres)

Another standout player was freshman Addie Smith, who scored one touchdown and played wide receiver. 

“We had a couple of practices where we knew what positions we were at,” Addie said, “and the plays we were going to use.”

The moment where Addie realized that they were going to play hard was when the freshman team went up against the juniors for the winning game. Addie and her teammates realized that their practices were worth it. The freshman girls practiced two times before Wednesday for a total of 3 and a half hours of practice for the big games. 

The juniors were prepared, too, even without the prior hours of training. Their first game was against the sophomores. Which they scored two touchdowns for the 2-0 victory to move on to the finals against the freshmen.

Going into the games, junior Sarah Bohanon was excited to play quarterback along with her friend Chloe Newsome as a running back and a corner. After winning their first game, they were ready to put up a fight to win. That is exactly what they did. 

Teammates run
Junior Sarah Bohanon runs the ball as teammate Fancy Robbins jumps. (Photo by Mia Torres)

Chloe had two interceptions between both games and scored the touchdown to tie the freshman and junior game and bring it into overtime. Sarah said the game was tough but in the end, they let up a touchdown for the freshmen victory. 

Girl evades tackle
Junior Chloe Newsome avoids the freshman defender during the Powderpuff game. (Photo by Mia Torres)

Sarah was proud of her team’s performance, but she wants to get better. 

“I think we did really well,” Sarah said, “but we will definitely be more prepared for next year and have practices.”

The championship game went to overtime and that is when the final touchdown was scored by LJ for the 4-3 victory. She was proud of her spin move that led to the victory. 

Addie Smith (left) and LJ Carter celebrate Addie’s touchdown. (Photo by Mia Torres)


September 22, 2023

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