Summer Adventures

Summer Adventures

By Jacob Williams

Cities, mountains, small towns, and many trees are what sophomore Matthew Shears experienced this summer. He went on a trip in the beginning of June which lasted for two weeks. His family first traveled to Seattle, Wash., and then down the West Coast to start off his summer.

When Matthew went to Seattle there was one thing his family had to do before continuing the trip down to California. They had to visit the Space Needle which allowed them to get a great view of the skyline.

“It was really cool,” Matthew said. “The floor revolved around so you could see all of the city from above without moving.”

The skyline veiw from space needle
Mt. Rainier in the skyline of Seattle, Wash., from the Space Needle. (Photo by Matthew Shears)

Another thing that was really cool for Matthew was visiting Redwood National Park and Sequoia National Park, which are both in California.

“The (redwood) trees were cool to look at because they were absolutely humongous,” Matthew said. “(The sequoia trees) were like the redwood forests experience. They were really tall but the sequoias were a little bit wider than they were tall.” 

Summer break created more special memories for not just Matthew but also two others. Another student with a busy summer was freshman Alivia Jackson.

She loves to jump in some cold water year round at the Cardinal Swim Club. She started swimming at the age of 4 and has no plans to slow down. 

She got introduced to swimming by her mother, Alison Jackson, and sister, Annie Jackson.

My sister was getting a lot of attention from it so I wanted to try it,” Alivia said.

Over summer break within 5 minutes of swimming in the state meet something memorable happened. Her goggles broke. 

One of my teammates that wasn’t on the relay gave me a pair of goggles at the last minute. It was crazy,” Alivia said.

Alivia swimming
Alivia competes in the butterfly stroke in a relay (Photo Provided)

She explains that sometimes her goggles have fallen off at other meets, also.

“But it is just so different at a state meet and I’m glad my friend was there with goggles,” Alivia said.

Swimming is also important to her because she gets to let her anger out. She works harder than before and plans to swim for the Delta swim team.

Like Matthew, Abigail Lindburgh traveled a lot. She first traveled to Ohio, down to Florida, back up to Philadelphia, and finally Chicago.

The reason why she traveled to Ohio was to visit Kings Island with her youth group. She rode all the roller coasters at the park.

After coming back from Ohio a week later she went to Universal Studios in Florida. 

We got to ride all the cool rides and take pictures with each of the characters,” Lindburgh said.

Abby with poppy nfrom trolls
Abby (right) with her two brothers posing with the character Poppy from the movie Trolls at Universal Studios. (Photo Provided)

After getting another week’s rest she went to Philadelphia to help migrants in the second grade. She got to be a student teacher and teach them English. 

Her final summer adventure was traveling to Chicago and going to a JVKE concert. Her favorite song from him is “i can’t help it”. 

“It’s upbeat and it gets me pumped every time I hear it,” Lindburgh said.

September 26, 2023

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