Thankful for Much More than Turkey

Thankful for Much More than Turkey

By MacKenzie Morris

What are you thankful for?

Corbin Malchow, junior, is thankful for his friends and family because he can depend on them the most. He spends every Thanksgiving at his grandparents’ house. His family from Wisconsin and Colorado come to visit each year.

Corbin thinks it’s important that all his family gets together on Thanksgiving since a lot  of his family doesn’t live close. They don’t get together often, but when they do they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time! 

This year Corbin is trying out something different. He has volunteered at a retirement home where some of the people don’t have family to be with for the holidays. To help brighten their holiday, Corbin will be buying for someone he doesn’t know. 

Mrs. Lorie Crouch, algebra teacher, is thankful for her family. She’s thankful that her family members all have good relationships with each other and that her kids who have moved out still come to visit and want to hang out.

 “I’m just super thankful to have my family,” she says.

When Mrs. Crouch was a kid her Thanksgivings weren’t like the ones she has now.  When she was younger her step-dad was a structured person who was strict and wanted everything to be formal. 

Now her Thanksgivings are relaxed and just a nice time to be with everyone. She thinks Thanksgiving is a good time to relax, to be with family, and a time to be thankful for all the good things in life. 

Her family goes out the weekend after Thanksgiving to buy their Christmas tree each year. They make sure everyone in the family is available to go pick the tree at the same time. After they pick out the tree they have a tree decorating party.

Crouch pic
Mrs. Crouch (far right) with her happy family. (Photo Provided)

Chloe Oliver, freshman, is thankful for her family and her support system.

”I definitely wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t have the amount of people supporting me that I do,” she says. 

Chloe spends Thanksgiving at her grandparents’ house where they all have dinner and make little jokes around the dinner table. 

She thinks Thanksgiving is important because it gives people who may take for granted what they have a day to really recognize and appreciate their blessings. Chloe thinks everyone should be thankful and recognize what they have every day. 

Chloe likes to give back to others by helping non-profit organizations. She finds it fun and gets enjoyment from helping others through it.

Oliver famChloe Oliver (left) captures a sunset on vacation with her family. (Photo Provided)

Mr. Mark Detweiler, history teacher and boys’ basketball coach, is thankful for his family who all spend Thanksgiving at a gymnasium that was named after his dad who has passed.

To Mr. Detweiler Thanksgiving means being together with family. When he was younger he used to go to his grandmother’s house and she was the cook. Now, Mr. Detweiler himself is the cook.

His family always ends up going through old photo albums and telling the stories from the photos.

He likes to give back to others by making sure the kids he coaches are doing well. He donates canned foods to food pantries and likes to make sure his grandkids have what they want for Christmas.

What are you thankful for?

November 22, 2023

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