Learning Their Lines
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Learning Their Lines

By Dakoda Johnson

For junior Isaac Brewer, his first big role in his acting life has left him with more than 300 lines to memorize. How does he do it?

“l just read them over and over again and then when I’m driving in my car by myself l just repeat them over and over just to get them right,” Brewer says. 

Other people have large amounts of lines, too, such as Sabrina Cheek, a senior.

Girl on stage
Senior Sabrina Cheek runs through her lines on stage with the help of teacher Mrs. Raleigh. (Photo by Jacob Williams)

Sabrina has about 140 lines as Bella Lamb in the play called Rehearsal for Murder, but she has a different way from Brewer to learn her lines.

“Desperation, crying, sobbing, and rolling on the floor — no that’s overdramatic,” Cheek said. “I make flash cards, Quizlets, anything really that is repetitive.”

It all must be stressful and difficult, but what about the person directing the play?  

Mrs. Dawn Raleigh, theater and English teacher, has been doing theater since her high school years at Delta.

 “l was involved in theater in that sense so we did a lot of shows,” Mrs. Raleigh said. “Then l did do some in college. l took a lot of classes in college. l traveled a lot and got to see a lot of theaters.”

  How about when the curtain goes up, what happens then?

“It’s anyone’s guess what will happen,” Mrs. Raleigh said, “but l can’t tell you how many kids will drop lines, miss lines, jump pages and they just have to figure it out.”

It all sounds stressful and difficult, but there are many ways to learn your lines.

“It’s whatever repetition they can get. Just practice and rehearsing and looking at it to help you remember it,” Mrs. Raleigh says.    

Rehearsal for Murder is a play in which Alex Dennison (Isaac Brewer) is a playwright who is engaged to an actress named Monica Welles (Hailie Woodring). But on the opening night of her new Broadway play, she seemingly kills herself over bad reviews. Thoroughly upset, Alex couldn’t believe she would commit suicide and begins to suspect she was actually murdered by someone.

The play will be Dec. 9 and Dec. 10, starting at 4 p.m. each day. The cost is $5  at the door with children fifth grade and younger admitted free.

                CAST LIST          Teacher: Mrs. Raleigh 

Alex Dennison                                                     Isaac Brewer 

Ernestine                                                             Mackemzie Lipps 

Sally Bean                                                           Eleanor Nolan 

Monica Welles                                                     Hailie Woodring 

Loretta                                                                 Michelle Taylor 

Alisha Lloyd                                                         Gracie Navarro 

Bella Lamb                                                          Sabrina Cheek

Karen Daniels                                                     Eden Terry 

David Mathews                                                    Corbin Malchow 

Leo Gibbs                                                            Linus Weimer 

Female police officer 1                                        Hailee Hamilton 

Female police officer 2                                        Sammi Raleigh 

Man in the auditorium/McElroy/Frank                 Josiah Hotmire 

Santoro                                                               Alaina Painter

Lieutenant                                                           Leyton Martin 

Play/party attendees/stage crew                        Willow Brown

                                                                           Savannah Condie 

                                                                           Charles Knapp

                                                                           Noelle Longsworth

November 17, 2023

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