Upcoming Projects: What’s Next?

Upcoming Projects: What’s Next?

By Gracie Hart

Update, update, update. Delta High School has experienced many new remodels and many add-ons over the past four years with a new science wing, new offices, a new commons, and a new fitness center. Well, what’s next? This is a good question and Mr. Greg Kile, superintendent, has the answer. 

Mr. Kile said that there are many projects that are happening in all five Delaware Community Schools buildings and in the transportation facility. 

He mentioned that the biggest and most costly project would be the football field.

The football field needs new artificial turf. Kile is hoping that it will be done by the time football season comes around, but he said this depends on if the supplies come in time. He said the labor should take a few weeks. This is estimated to cost about $500,000. 

The artificial turf first was placed on the field in 2009. Turf can last up to 20 years depending on the usage. 

“We have gotten a lot out of our turf for what we use it for,” football head coach Chris Overholt said. 

He explained that the football field is constantly being put to use.

 “We host a variety of events,” Overholt said. “Football has slowly become a year long type of sport. What people don’t know is that in the spring, we have track and softball and baseball teams that use it.”

Youth football leagues also practice and play games on the field.

“It has seen a lot of wear and tear,” Overholt said. 

Each year there’s a turf specialist who comes in and repairs seams and any other issues. Overholt said that is starting to become more frequent due to the usage. 

Additional sports-related projects include:  the second-level rail in the high school gym will be replaced, improvements will be made around the softball diamond, and we will be building a concrete hit-back wall for tennis. 

One project that will affect all the classrooms is putting white boards in every classroom in the Delcom district.

¨They are very functional,” Kile said. “With all these projects the goal is to make it easier for teachers to do their best work, to make the classrooms more comfortable, and overall more functional.” 

Board in room
The whiteboard in Mrs. Terry Nelson’s freshmen English class includes assignments and reminders for students to see. Whiteboards will be added to all classrooms throughout Delaware Community Schools. (Photo by Gracie Hart)

English teacher Mrs. Terry Nelson often uses the white board in her classroom.

“I like to write in different colors for interest and to emphasize important points,” Nelson said. 

She also expressed how it’s important to not only listen to the lesson but that “we need to see it, too.”

Also, the high school auditorium will be receiving a much needed makeover. 

“The auditorium will get new lights and a newer sound system,” theatre teacher Mrs. Dawn Raleigh said. “They will also be redoing the stage. The last remodel was in the 1990s.”

There are several other projects like these planned throughout Delcom.

How did you come up with the ideas? Again, Kile has an answer: “Communication and collaboration are very important with the right people. You can have good conversations.” 

There are constant conversations about what should be added to the school building.

Be on the lookout for new builds!

December 15, 2021

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