Young Girls’ Basketball Team Expects to Improve
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Young Girls’ Basketball Team Expects to Improve

By Fancy Robbins

Although the girls’ varsity basketball team has had a rough season so far, it can make a recovery. With no seniors, the team leaders are juniors Sydney Stroble and Abby Rouse. 

“All five of our varsity players have improved or will improve more as time goes this season,” head coach Andy Lewman said. 

Rouse and Stroble along with sophomores Hannah Carter and Paizley Cool all have put in time to train during the off season. Junior Kalynn Logan has also made a return to the sport after a couple years off.

 “We do not have a whole lot of depth off of the bench so that is something that could be better,” Lewman said. 

Bench huddle
Players prepare to exit the huddle. There are no seniors in the program so younger players will continue to have opportunities to improve in coming seasons.

The team is 2-9 at this point entering an away game against Hamilton Heights on Thursday, Dec. 16.

Being a young team could be beneficial for the future. If you play older teams with a young team, they get more experience and can eventually become competitive when further seasons arrive.

“We have players that complement each other well, and if we continue to grow and build some depth we will be more competitive,” Lewman said.

This year the team’s numbers have been down, with only 13 players in the program. Players have been more healthy this year compared to previous seasons. 

The new fitness center has tremendously helped them train, according to Lewman.

Lewman himself has been trying to improve as a coach.

 “I have continued to gain more about being positive and being a stronger communicator with our team and staff,” he said. “I have also stepped outside of my own comfort zone to attempt to implement some new tactics/strategies in the game of basketball as well.”

Junior Sydney Stroble defends her Elwood opponent. She is one of the team leaders.

Stroble, a forward, is a key leader. 

“I think there always is room to improve on being a leader,” she said. 

Stroble is excited to see how the team grows throughout the season. 

“I think our strengths are defense and our team chemistry, and I think we need to work on working better together and sharing the ball,” she said. 

Rouse starts the offense as a point guard, but due to a concussion she had to miss three games.  She is now back on the court.

 “I feel like Sydney and I do a good job at leading the team,” she said.

She agreed with Stroble that there is always room for improvement. 

“I need to improve on being more vocal and being more patient with the younger kids,” Rouse said. “Our team communication and higher energy in practice also needs to be improved within the team.”

At a lot of schools, normally you don’t see a freshman playing varsity. Hailee Hamilton is the only freshman on the varsity girls’ basketball team. 

The change from middle school basketball straight to varsity basketball would be a difficult change for everyone.

“It’s more challenging. It’s a faster pace and there’s more challenges I have to face with being with upperclassmen,” Hamilton said. 

She has adapted well to the varsity atmosphere. One of Hamilton’s strengths is adapting to new challenges that are overwhelming.

 “Whenever I have a problem the varsity girls are always here to help,” she said.

Hamilton is excited for working with the upperclassmen and improving throughout the season. 

December 15, 2021

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