Hit and Run
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Hit and Run

By Cooper Bratton

Hearing a story about someone being hit by a Jaguar sports car might have you questioning a lot of things, but with senior Alex Lyons there isn’t any questioning.

Lyons is a part of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Cooper Bratton)

“I went to get a football that went over the road in the gas station parking lot and the car hit me,” Lyons said.

When Lyons was 11 he tried to cross State Road 3 from the Metro Football field to get a football in the Shell gas station parking lot. That’s when he was struck by the Jaguar.

Lyons suffered injuries such as  heavy concussion and severe contusions.

“This year in January I got hit by a semi while driving,” Lyons said. 

There’s something about Alex Lyons and vehicles. He was unfortunately hit by a semi in January, but fortunately this time he was in a car.

Lyons spends his free time playing basketball anywhere he can.

Along with basketball Lyons [middle] plays football. (Photo provided)

“I like to go to the YMCA and play basketball for fun,” Lyons said.

He also enjoys lifting weights. This has been a passion of his throughout high school. Lyons’ maxes include 255 bench, 365 squat, and 205 clean. 

In 2017, Alex lost his mom, Angie Lyons, at 41 years of age to Long QT syndrome, or cardiac arrest. This was an unfortunate death and had an impact in the community all around. 

“My mom is my hero,” Lyons said.

Lyons’s mother passed away in 2017. (Photo provided)

Despite this tragic event, Lyons always kept a smile on his face. His life has been challenging from losing his mom, to an almost near death experience, but he always learned to overcome everything.

With this being Lyons’ last year in high school he has some mixed feelings about it.

“A salty sweet kinda moment,” he said. “I am ready for it to be done, but it’s kind of sad.” 

Lyons plans to get a good paying job and attend college at Ball State University where he will major in education.

April 27, 2022

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cooperbratton Cooper Bratton is a freshman at Delta. He enjoys playing basketball, football, and golf. He likes the Cowboys, Reds, and Pacers. He also enjoys hanging with friends.


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