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Not Just a Fan

By Emme Townsend

The 2010 NFC wildcard game is on. The New Orleans Saints play the Seattle Seahawks. With less than four minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Seahawks are on offense. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck hands the ball off to running back Marshawn Lynch. Lynch breaks through the defensive line and rushes 67 yards and breaks nine tackles for a Seahawks touchdown. This run is forever known as the Beast Quake.

But before Lynch played for the Seahawks, and even before he played for the Bills, senior Kaleb Rhonemus was a fan.

Rhonemus is a part of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Emme Townsend)

Rhonemus is a student in the class of 2022 who grew up watching Marshawn Lynch in his prime. 

“Marshawn Lynch was my favorite player in college, and once he got traded from the Bills to the Seahawks, I started watching the NFL,” Rhonemus said.

Being a Marshawn Lynch fan is not the only interesting thing about him. He has gone to Delaware Community Schools his whole life, attending Royerton Elementary School as well as the middle and high schools. He spent over 10 years wrestling for both club wrestling and Delta wrestling.

Rhonemus [far left] was a wrestler for more than 10 years. (Photo provided)
Rhonemus’s favorite memories from his senior year so far are poker nights spent with friends and fellow seniors Logan Anderson, Aidan Landis and Ross Meacham.

He plans to study biochemistry, which is the combination of biology and chemistry. It is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to  living organisms

Now that it’s time to move on from high school, Rhonemus plans to study at Purdue University, so he can remain close to home and his friends and family. A good friend, Lane Decker, is also attending Purdue University in the fall of 2022.

Rhonemus has a younger brother, Kolten Rhonemus, who is a sophomore at Delta High School. And his father has had a big impact on who he is today.

“He was always a hard worker and he set a good example for me,” Rhonemus said.

Even though Rhonemus is growing up and moving on from high school, he will always be a fan of the University of California running back he had watched all those years ago.


April 27, 2022

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