Saying a Goodbye
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Saying a Goodbye

By Gracie Hart

As the bright stage lights shine on senior Monica Langdon, her face beams red. She takes her last bow that will be on the Delta High School stage and waves out to the crowd. 

Monica won’t have to wave goodbye to her twin sister, Amber Langdon, though. Monica has also been involved in many plays, along with her sister. Together they walk on the stage, and the whole crowd brightens.

Langdon twins
Amber and Monica Langdon enjoy a happy moment together at a restaurant. (Photo Provided)

Monica has been involved in theater here at Delta High School since she was a freshman. She has acted in nine plays. 

Landgon “had a blast” while performing this spring in her last play, And Then There Were None. 

 “I love theater, but not so much the stage fright,” she says.

By the end of her freshman year in theater, however, she had learned to overcome her fear and let her true talent show. 

Monica Langdon
Monica Langdon is a member of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Gracie Hart)

She decided to stop hiding behind the curtain and let her real light shine. 

“I had to keep reminding myself that theater is a safe space. You can be goofy without any judgment,” Monica says. 

She plans to go to Ivy Tech Community College after high school to pursue a career in mortuary science, just out of genuine interest.

With going to college, she’ll be able to have a fresh new start. 


May 9, 2022

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