Tennis Court to the Food Court
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Tennis Court to the Food Court

By Macie Jones 

Getting ready to go to college and planning her future, but also living in the moment. Senior Sarah Haney is doing it all. 

She soon will be going to Purdue University and is taking the required classes to get there. She’s also having fun while playing tennis. 

Sarah Haney
Sarah Haney is a member of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Macie Jones)

She plans to go to Purdue University to study nutrition and dietetics. That is the study of how food affects human health. She plans to work in a hospital to help people develop diets appropriate for their medical needs.  

“A family friend showed me what nutrition and dietetics was,” Haney said. “Before that I had no idea what it even was.”

Her friend is currently in graduate school online through Alabama. She graduated from Delta five years ago. Haney had no idea what that job field was, so she asked her what it was. 

Haney will intern at a hospital for 11 months while at Purdue. 

Girl with parents
Sarah Haney enjoys Senior Day at tennis with her parents, Amy and John. (Photo Provided)

She has played tennis all throughout her high school career. Haney enjoys playing tennis because of the atmosphere.

 “After matches, we will play music on the bus and scream, sing, and jump around,” Haney said.

Tennis started as just a hobby and now she plays JV doubles.

Tennis player
Sarah Haney prepares for a shot during her tennis match. (Photo Provided)
May 18, 2022

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