Leaving So Soon
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Leaving So Soon

By Trey Gilbert

Elias Sanders sits at lunch talking to his peers like any other student. He goes to his classes throughout the day being as productive as can be. What some would be surprised to know is he’s only attended Delta High School for a semester. 

Sanders was born and raised in Idaho where he attended Idaho Falls High School and found his love for orchestra and choir.

Elias Sanders
Elias Sanders is a member of the Class of 2022. (Photo by Trey Gilbert)

¨I used to play violin in an orchestra, and choir at Idaho Falls was more competitive. We had like six different choirs,¨ Sanders said. 

Boy sings
Elias Sanders sings during a choir concert at school. (Photo Provided)

When he wasn’t at school or focusing on extracurricular activities, he had a hobby of not only playing games but also making them.

¨I’ve been interested in computer science since I was nine so this has been a big driving factor for me,¨ Sanders said.

This sparked his passion for the even broader world of computer science, which he wants to study in college at Utah State University.

 At the start of his senior year he found out he was moving to Muncie  because his parents thought the real estate market was good. While he was nervous at first moving into a completely different area, he felt welcomed by his peers and faculty.

“I knew everyone at Idaho Falls and Delta is a bigger school,” Sanders said. “My old school was more focused on the arts than Delta, which is more sports focused.”

After Delta and college he hopes to take his computer science degree into being able to work for a company such as Microsoft to gain experience. In the future he’d like to be able to write his own game engines.

His biggest fear throughout all of this has been ¨failure,¨ but his time at Delta could be called anything but a failure.

May 24, 2022

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treygilbert Trey Gilbert is a Senior in high school he enjoy watching sports and is thinking about pursuing a career in journalism. The Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year.Before going to school at Delta he lived in the great state of Texas for 5 years.


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