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The Mask

By Kye Berger

Delta plans to have multiple kids be the Eagle mascot at the sports events. 

This football season there was one mascot that went to a majority of the home games. 

The mascot’s real name is anonymous, which is hoped for future mascots as well.

Athletic director Tilmon Clark selected the mascot.

“They need to be a positive light for Delta Athletics,”  Clark says. “Obviously it’s an important rule because a lot of eyes will be on them, and we want them to act in a first-class manner.”

The eagle is tough
The eagle mascot flexes at the sectional game against Yorktown. (Photo by Yarik Kobernyk)

The mascot says that Clark didn’t give him a list of rules that he can or cannot do, but he understands what the expectations are for him. 

“Just don’t do something stupid that’ll end up on Barstool Sports,” the mascot says.  

Mr. Clark plans to have multiple different mascots for all of the events because obviously, it would be a lot for one person to be at every event, especially when some are at the same time. 

“I like when he’s there,” varsity cheerleader Alexa Bratton said. “A lot of people feed off of his energy and it makes the game more fun for the fans and cheerleaders. All of the cheerleaders like messing around with the mascot, like one time we all lifted him in the air and stuff like that.”

The costume is an eagle with a jersey on. The costume has been at Delta for a few years but hasn’t been worn in some time, but finally this year Clark decided to put it into action.  

It’s been a few years since the last time we had a mascot,  but all it takes is someone to step up. Clark said he’s just been waiting on students to come in and want to do it.  

“I do. I think it adds a whole other element to game day experience. I know little eagle fans enjoy seeing the mascot so I think it’s awesome to have an eagle mascot,” Clark said.

November 6, 2023

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